the myth of Gyges

Inspired by the story with the same name from the great philosopher Platon. It's about justice, a ring that falls in to the hands of Gyges, that can make him visible or invisible. So it's only up to him to use the power in right or wrong. Naturally, he uses it in wrong actions, so the parable of it might be that humans aren't applying righteousness by own will, but only strained. Without justice society would be chaotic and left to the selfish desire of the ones in power. Not that far from the usual society, right? I guess even long time ago great philosophers were able to see inside the withering souls.
Tempera on A4 paper. 


Inspirat de opera cu acelasi nume a renumitului filosof, Platon. Este vorba despre dreptate, un inel care cade in mainile lui Gyges, ce il poate face vizibil sau invizibil. Asadar, depinde doar de el in ce scop foloseste aceste puteri, daca doreste sa faca bine sau rau. In mod natural, le foloseste in folosul propriu, in mod eronat, asa ca parabola ne arata ca oamenii nu sunt in stare sa aplice dreptatea prin vointa proprie, ci doar determinati. Fara justitie si dreptate societatea ar fi haotica si lasata la cheremul celor care au putere. Nu-i departe de societatea in care ne regasim, nu? Se pare ca marii filosofi, chiar din antichitate puteau percepe atat de clar vestejirea sufletelor. 
Tempera pe hartie A4.

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