egg soul

If somehow the colours are too bright, my scanner is at fault. I can't seem to be able to fix that problem.
For the drawing I used marker fineliners, uniball pen 0,5 and watercolours.
The being is born from an egg that's cracked. I imagined a soul coming out of it, since the egg is the symbol of cycle of life/ fertility and even as far for me to say fertility of creation. Even rebirth.
Size: A3 on cardboard


Daca unele culori par a fi tipatoare este din cauza scannerului meu. Nu reusesc sa-i fixez setarile.
Pentru desenul acesta am folosit markere subtiri, acuarela si uniball pen 0,5.
Fiinta care iese din oul crapat simbolizeaza mai multe lucruri: ciclul vietii, fertilitatea, fertilitatea in creatie chiar. Si poate renasterea.
Marime: A3 pe carton

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