Go game

The battle between the new and old, between the beautiful and grotesque...something more then that. If one will be able to tell the circles inside the whole image, they are distributed the same way they were in the historical Go battle between Honinbō Shūsai meijin and his young adversary, Ōtake 7- dan. You can find more about that in Yasunari Kawabata's book "The Go master". I like Go, but unfortunatley I never had the patience to play it, so I always settle for Reversi.

I made this as a tribute to the author, since I've read most of his books, but right now all the events happening in Japan make me want to say something more.
A bit personal, a bit sad but I hope for the best. I never grew up liking my country's history, or more to say, it wasn't taught in a way we could receive it with our hearts first and our brain second. It wasn't taught in any way. I filled the void by fondly reading about french history and also Japan's history. That's why I've always admired Japan, the culture, the respect of keeping tradition alive along with moving forward with technology. The wonderful balance that they kept, the awareness for the future. I know that time will show that Japan can truly be a Phoenix of phoenixes. No country could ever reach the level that they have. I hope any divinity that is out there, to keep them safe and make them even more powerful then they've proved they can be. All my love to Japan, I hope one day my roads will bring me there.

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