the immigrant

To make it clear, it's mostly relegated to Romanian immigrants. I can relate to a person that wants to leave its own country, that wants the roots to grow somewhere else then here. I made a skeleton because in my idea of immigrants from my country I see only people who leave either for a better future, looking for money opportunities; or those who are fed up with this country and leave to lead a new life somewhere they'd be more respected and have a chance of a dignifying life. It's a skeleton because the skin hasn't grown on it yet. It has the values probably, and the years from home, but it's not a full being. It's not a complete human, that's why it goes in search for something else, somewhere else.

Made in watercolors, and black liner, on A3 cardboard.

Pentru a clarifica ideea, ma refer la imigrantii romani doar. Empatizez oarecum cu cei care isi parasesc tara, si care vor sa prinda radacini in alta parte. Am facut acel schelet tocmai pentru a accentua ideea ca cei care pleaca o fac pentru un viitor mai bun legat de bani si oportunitati; sau cei care pleaca satui de tot ce se intampla in tara. Este un schelete pentru ca inca nu i-a crescut pielea. In oase sunt adunate acele valori, invatate probabil, dar nu este o fiinta in totalitate. Nu este complet umanizata, poate de aceea cauta altceva, pleaca altundeva.

Desen pe carton A3 in acuarele si liner negru.

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