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In Memoriam Alina Rosca (1960 - 1991)
Un desen bazat pe o ilustratie care ii apartine la care am adaugat elemente ce imi apartin.
Am folosit un carbune, creioane 6B,7B,8B si un uniball erasable pen 0,5 pentru care le multumesc japonezilor.
Marimea: A3 pe carton

In the memory of Alina Rosca (1960 - 1991)
She was a traditional graphic artist and her work is amazing.
It's a drawing I based on one of her illustrations, on which I added my own elements.
For this drawing I used charcoal, 6B,7B,8B crayons and a uni ball erasable pen 0,5 - for which I thank the japanese.
Size: A3 on cardboard

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