I called it "Worms" because it looks very crowded. And if we make exception of the bright colors I was thinking of those creatures that feed off everything there is, and specially when it is.
To me it represents the growing of the rich mass of people in my country that feed of the ones that work and pay taxes. The middle class being none-existent. 
It represents politicians that spend and waste the money of the tax contributors and do nothing but feed off what is dead.
It represents bureaucracy, that seems to grow and grow, not making people's simple problems more easy.

A bit bright for all that crap, right?

Done on A4 carboard, with watercolors, tempera, black marker, and colored crayons.

I-am pus numele "Viermele" pentru ca desenul arata foarte aglomerat. Si daca facem abstractie de culorile vii ale compozitiei, m-am gandit la acele creaturi care se hranesc din orice exista, si in special din orice pot.
Pentru mine reprezinta cresterea masei de bogati ce se hranesc pe spatele saracilor care muncesc si platesc toate taxele. Clasa de mijloc fiind inexistenta.
Reprezinta de altfel si pe politicienii care cheltuie si desigur, isi baga in buzunar din banii contribuabililor.
Si normal, birocratia de la noi, care devine parca din ce in ce mai stufoasa, fara sa usureze problemele oamenilor.

Putin cam vesel comparat cu tot ce am enuntat mai sus, nu?
L-am facut pe carton A4, si am folosit acuarele, marker negru, carioci si tempera.

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