How to draw after a photograph

This is probably not new for people who studied art, I'm making this guidance post for all that are new to art, drawing or painting. I learned the squares technique in college, and from then on it always helped me when it comes to difficult images, that contain buildings, many objects or even portraits.
It's also helpful when you try to copy a small image, like a stamp for example, and draw it on a A4 or A3 size.
Don't get mad if sometimes you screw up, to me it happens all the time. Try to number all the squares, from up and down, on both, the image and the paper. Even if you might confuse some during the process, don't give up. When you get to details, feel free to add your own in to the drawing or painting you're making. For example the building from the left, in my image, was old and abandoned. I changed it from abandoned in to a normal looking one. But this is just one's choice.

The final result you can see it here.

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