renew old canvas

This is what I did recently, when I found an old painting of mine. When I looked at it, I felt that it wasn't representative for the present, so I decided to make a new one, over it. 
For it you will need to buy zinc oxide powder. Here, we find it in special shops for paints and those types of practical markets.

Now with your zinc oxide powder, you mix in some water and polyvinyl alcohol, which is a type of white soft glue.  This will make a white paste that will stick and adhere to the surface of the canvas. 

Depending on the quality of the materials you use, the paste might cause small clefts or cracks. Don't renounce, you can retouch it with chasten colors. If you get leftovers from the mixture, don't throw it away, you can mix it with other colors to brighten them, or obtain beautiful grays.

I added a few details on it, also this type of mixture can allow you to play and compose relief forms. To make the relief forms stay and resist, you can go back and glue them.

This is how my finished painting looks like. Since I made it with oil colors, I'll have to wait like a week until it dries. I personally use this method for my old canvas or drawings on cardboard that I don't like anymore or I don't like how they came out.
Hope it will help anyone who wants to try it.

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