sfinx colibri at dawn

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  1. I'm glad it appeared this year also ^^ It seems to have a liking for your garden :)) But it moves so damn quick @_@ Still, it's an interesting and unusual insect, i wonder what else lives in the that forest o_O who knows...

    Keep up the good photos! I see your camera started behaving well :)) Kissu&hagu! :-*:-*:-*:-*:-*>:D<>:D<

  2. Foarte reusite foto!
    Am fotografiat si eu o molie colibri, dar a fost ca o sfarleaza...abia i se vad aripile.
    Ti-a reusit foarte bine! Felicitari!
    Toate cele bune!

  3. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, Phantom. @_@ it moves quick. I like that small trunk that it uses to feed. Yeah, but yesterday I was taking pictures and the batteries died on me :)) happens :*:*:*:*>:D<
    Elly multumesc mult! Asa am patit anul trecut, erau mai mult aripi decat colibri :)) Ma bucur ca au iesit ceva mai bine ca data trecuta. Sa ai o zi frumoasa!