just the two of us

16 April 2010

I don’t want to fly,
But to float above the waves
On the ship with smoke stacks that make white trails
To know that the earth from depth
Will engulf the berth of desillusions
And bury it between sea horses and seaweeds.
To watch the shore getting smaller
Like a point uproot from natal.

I don’t want wings to fly,
But sculls to row
Me and my shadow, on the water, pedants towards nowhere
Fudging words without nostalgia,
Not even the prisoner’s bedrock
Drowned in the blood that flowed without avail.
When each moment is younger then the other,
Is ticking after the clock that stoped from mesuring.

I don’t want to fly,
But let my memories run from my view
Gunning on the train tracks,
To watch their undescribable form
Overlaping connections that whittle.
Stoping at the station where cherries are in blossom

Of a white that silences belligerent voices.

2 comentarii:

  1. Vai, cat sunt de frumosi!
    Sunt doi, diferiti sau petele sunt mai estompate la unul din ei?
    Oricum, sunt superbi si fotografia e minunata.

    1. Da,Elly sunt doi fluturasi. Stateau unul langa celalalt. Am avut noroc sa-i surprind asa pentru ca n-am mai vazut fluturi stand asa.
      Ma bucur ca iti place fotografia. Pupici!