Xylocopa violacea

This creature was visiting our garden so after some search on Wikipedia, I found what it was exactly.

Xylocopa violacea, the violet carpenter beeIndian Bhanvra  is the common European species of carpenter bee, and one of the largest bees in Europe. Like most members of the genus Xylocopa, it makes its nests in dead wood.
It is not particularly aggressive and will attack only if forced to. It is sometimes mistaken for the European hornet. This species is well known in India as the 'Bhanvra'.
In 2006 it was reported from Cardigan and 2007 it was found breeding in England for the first time in Leicestershire, this follows a northwards expansion of its range in France and Germany and breeding in the Channel Islands and in 2010 it was also recorded in Northamptonshire andWorcestershire.
Violet Carpenter Bees hibernate overwinter and they emerge in the spring, usually around April or May. Hibernation is undertaken by the adults in wood where there are abandoned nest tunnels. In the late spring or early summer, they may be seen around searching for mates and suitable nesting sites. After mating, the gravid queens bore tunnels in dead wood, which is where the name Carpenter Bee comes from,although old nest tunnels may be used. Like other solitary bees, the queen creates the nest alone. The eggs are laid within a series of small cells, each of which is supplied with a pollen ball for the larvae to feed upon. The adults emerge in late summer then hibernate until the following year.

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  1. Da, ceva cam la fel de mare am fotografiat si eu acum cateva zile dar inca n-am avut timp sa selectez imaginile sa postez vreo 2-3...
    Nu stiu cum se numeste, seamana cu o albina dar nu stiu totusi ce este :) Era destul de agresiva, mai ales cand ma apropiam de ea. Mi-a fost putin teama ca ma va intepa :)) De fapt erau doua. Curand le voi posta. Sa vad cand ca sunt foarte ocupata si nu prea am mult timp de blog. :)
    Multumesc ca ai postat-o :)

    1. Elly este o albina neagra, am cautat pe google pana am gasit-o. Nici eu nu stiam de ea pana acum. Este intr-adevar agresiva, sau cel putin pe wikipedia asa am citit. :) Abia astept sa o vad si in pozele tale pentru ca in a mea nu a iesit prea bine. Mie mi-a fost teama sa ma aproprii si am folosit zoom-ul. Pupici!

  2. Da, la mine cred ca a iesit mai bine dar eu am fost mai mult pe fuga i ultima vreme, am fost si mult plecata...si inca n-am ajuns s-o postez. Dar o voi posta. :)